Sunday, November 14, 2010

What an idea sir-ji ?

            At times i wonder how an idea takes shape. An idea can never be completely owned by one person . A complete idea is something that is partly owned by the circumstances the idea dawned in . It baffles me how  some think they completely own an idea.
            An organization revolves on one or more idea and the people who actually run an organizations are mere catalysts that fasten the clarity of an idea . Everyone can make a choice, the choice is simple . Choose to persue the idea or rubbish it . Clarity of an idea rests on the beholder of the idea ! An idea grows on itself , at times it branches out and roots so deep , it becomes complicated . This point the idea exists by itself . The beholder merely become the seed . I call it the the disposition pivot .

           At this disposition pivot , the beholder is no more than a catalyst . The human instinct and circumstance decide the positivity or negativity of the catalyst .Once an idea has taken shape, it defines who you are .It defines who you will be.

          I wait for an idea. An idea that'll allow me to prove my existence, an idea that not required to make a dent in the universe but at-least scratch it. If an idea could solve the universal puzzle then the meaning of the bigger truth - the original idea would be clear .

         We exists in an idea , That defines us , we are responsible of creating an infinite chains and branches, the purpose of an idea is more important than the idea itself.

         The idea of this post ? ......No idea :D

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Singam - Acramathin uchakatum.

                               Saturday holiday comes only once a month for me and this time wanted to watch a movie, any movie,some movie and finally decided to watch SINGAM .Wonder why i chose that movie!!

                              Movie starts off with the usual "here come the hero in isstyle" . adha partha odanaye . ussss abhaaaaa innum 3 hr movie irruke  feeling sets in. Particularly i've to mention the cut where hundreds of bullets emerge from oblivion  forming the Singam !! I pity the CG guys . Guys have to do what is tol to them after all they get paid and when it comes to payment and sun pictures , hmmm should i say more ?
                              I wonder what goes through the film maker's mind when making a movie of such sorts.Not to mention the pressure surya must be facing for his 25th movie. Its a typical hero kills all and save his world.Anushka , hiyooooo hiyoooooo idellam oru pollapu !!!!.
                           Vivek is a surprise package who after a long time delivers half of his capabilities. His version jai ho's atha suta vadai is seriyana mokka comedy :). Erimally theme music complements his acts.vivek from his debut "iniki setha  nalaiki pal" had come a long way but for past few year he is completely over powered by vadivel.

                         Throughout the movie one can expect lotta yelling and ear cracking screaming from both the hero and villain and Anushka , hiyooooo hiyoooooo idellam oru pollapu !!!!. Surya between his busy bashing around attempts at comedy . In a restaurant scene before annihilating a hotel asks the manager if the hotel is insured like he cares and once sure the hotel is insured he goes ahead and breaks everything he finds. I mean the insurance company wouldn care right . Once the insurance company gets to know they'd build a new hotel. Ppl should try this .. no... not really. Now that the hero has finished with the rowdy one more mokkai comedy comes out .A guys comes of the rest room and is shocked to see the hotel completely destroyed and he asks surya "inga oru hotel irrundade? nan yenga bill kattuvaen". "irunda sapata than bill katanum, sapututu irrundavangaluku illa".

                              Rest of the movie is just  more mindless action and finally surya kills all . pretends to resign his job but secretly works in the dept spying a terror group and by the way he starts his own departmental store.Which he should have i guess. :) Olaga tholaikachigalil modal muraiyaga illa.... yeppovume mokka movie than!!!! ...

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Right ya wrong ?

                                 Ever wondered whats good , bad , right or wrong ? well I did and the answer was in my question itself.Its the sum of all divided by the count of all ;).  Today I've come to an understanding that world doesn't really run on 1's and 0's but it runs on fuzzy logic.
                                The above statement may sound terrible to you and you may think I've gone  bizarre but that just shows whats your perception of things. Well to be frank your perception is just yours and may not be really "wrong or right". ?.
                                If you've seen the trailers of badmaash company you'd have noticed the catch line "they got together to do all the wrong things the right way" .  That conveys that they are doing something wrong but in the right way (ok little too much explanation ). Which in turn communicates that there is a general acceptance of what is wrong and what is right .
                               If you ask a person who uses cracked software to increase his productivity . What immediately comes to your mind ? If the thought is "Noooooo thats worng" then its your perception . Ask that guy and he probably has 100 or even 1000 reasons to do so . If you ask me what i'd do ? well i know using cracked software is wrong (my perception)
                            Well if you are clear of wats right and wrong its best to keep the ideas to yourself and not become a fundamentalist. Why ??? Simple reason , because there are a million week minds out there thats ready to accept wats told to them .
                            This whole post may seem very grey to you but thats the idea of good or bad. There is a generally accepted  rights and wrongs in the society you are part of but those very rules may be utter nonsense to another society !. If killing deer in India is wrong. Tell that to a person in the Greenland and he'll probably have you for dinner.Ask osama who the real terrorist is and he may point at bush .
                            For a long time i've come to an understanding of "Choose to believe" . Now i'm clear life is not binary its fuzzy :).I have left the whole post very grey . i don wanna define any rights and wrong here.

(This small post with great ideas is after an hour long in adigas over pongal and coffee with my uncle who we all dearly call G )


Sunday, March 14, 2010

The articulate phenonmenon

                            Ceaser-20x was the only computer at the indian crime branch in the year 1980 that could churn out clues to give possible suspect list. Mr.Sathiya was the only person capable enough to format the input to that system. It was bought form bell labs for a whooping 10 crore , which was quite huge sum in 1980.It was huge investment for the government.Why did they buy it ?. A question that was never answered.
                           Years  passed by and Ceaser-20x was never replaced and was never used after Sathiya retired. But today it will be replaced by i-ex70p .The new age Super computer that can snoop into any system in the world and that can house 400 billion TB of data in a secure cloud . Bill from Scotland yard was recruited for handling the "beast" machine.   
                         4000 Crore was missing from a day transaction in the local shareMarket and it was untraceable.The best audit team were unable to find the missing links.All transaction details were stored in a  Bangalore based data center . Data Experts spent 4 months analyzing the data and it was impossible to to find the glitch.
                       Beast was assigned its first task. Beast's  job was to generate relevant relations .To find the missing link Bill worked with the available data provided by Share Market and additionally requested data from the audit team.Bill promised to come back with a schematic result set in 4 days
                     Exactly after 4 days the beast returns just few lines of random text which was totally unrelated .
the text was as follows
 Mafia facebook port 400
poke requests a gift
Stolen Bag found
snoop dogg
miley cyrus
post http

Bill was confused . He ran the test again and got exact same result set every time. Without much of choice bill submitted it the lead detective Mr Karthik responsible for this case.Karthik a non believer in computer technology, rubbishes the report and files a complain to remove the beast saying its waste of time to invest in something thats so irrelavent. Bill was sent to Scotland after beast was decommissioned in India.

Jan 20 2010, Bharath joined the crime branch and was asked to re-dig old cases and do a case study of the workings of the crime branch.Bharath was a technically guy and this particular case caught his attention more.

He read and re-read the output page and was confused .It din make sense but he woudn't let go. He started digging the data himself.

Then one day morning it all fell into place. Steve, a freelance  from Australia was arrested for the fraud.

Steve wrote a facebook application that would be run on the mafia game application facebook supports. Every time he would ping the application using port number 400 using different proxies from different part of the world.The application which runs on the cloud would immediately poke random ppl using loop hole in the new hip hop php engine facebook created.Then it would create millions of java worm that would be downloaded into users computer using facebook.From users system it would replicate by downloading snoop dogg and other artist songs for free and when shared would transfer the java worm to other system.Over a period of time the java worm codenamed : HostGhost  would decide on a particular financial server and over load it with requests to an extinct where the clock cycles would be disrupted .When a clock cycle is disrupted the transaction atomicity fails and money would be stolen.

An articulate phenomenon indeed

(Above Article is a work of  fiction. if u din get it already)

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Are you safe in the cyber space ??

 With Personal information of anyone available to even clicks of newb users . Are you safe ?? Think Again!!!!!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Midnight Gyan and gibberish

                                   There are somethings money can't buy ,for everything else there is master card.Sorry i din get any opening phrases to start this post. Anyway today its gonna be philosophical .

Fear,resentment and guilt . The trio for our materialist mad rat race. Human instincts tell us "fittest survives".Though we have shed a lot of hair and straightened our backbone there are somethings still left in us that makes us , us. Do i live in fear ? Yes. no denying . I fear loneliness.I fear hatred, I fear dullness and so many more forms that are sometime better understood than said.Why do i fear ? I don't have an answer for that. Its intriguing that i don have an answer.Now i fear ,fear.Stupid isn't it .Was i born with these phobia's? I asked my mom and she questioned my mental wellness. if i stress more she'll probably get me admitted .So i'm left all alone with my fear of not understanding fear .Now i'm resenting i'm not able to understand fear then i'll have guilt of not trying hard to understand fear.

If only the real essence of  superstitions were passed on , we would be leading a better life. Why would one fear of death if he/she was expecting it all along ? Why would one live in guilt if he/she din have to do wrong deeds. Why do something that is not right? who decides what right and wat's not!!!. 

Our social structure set us apart from other living things on earth. Humans are a social creature . We can never live in isolation but still we fight for such trivial things that brings about no useful outcome. 

Will we ever learn from our past ? A question that is out there with no takers to answer it. Truth is we don have a clue what our past is . We have only documented our immediate past . The real history is history.

The trio is part of our social structure . Fear makes you stick to the structure without questioning the purpose of the structure. Resentment sometimes aggravates fear more that cooling it . Guilt is that emotion which  comes if u disobey the structure. 

Ok now too tired of thinking. Gotta get some sleep.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Agent 117

The room was dark and it smelled bad. I was’t sure where I was.  I felt completely brainwashed.  How did I land up here ?.  Were was I ?.  Am I alive ?.  I wasn ‘t sure . I coudn utter a word . felt like something was stuffed inside my mouth ! But I could open my mouth. Paranoia set in . I wasn’t sure how big the room was. I tried reaching out for stuff just to make a mental map of the room but all in vain ! I was sure there weren anything around. I started walking without a sense of directions.  Desperately trying to find a way out.
Suddenly I stumbled upon something, though I wasn’t sure what that object was. I reached down to check wat it was but then I realized I was falling . I wasn’t sure though. I was certain I was falling but I coudn feel the gush of wind trying to stop me. I felt light . I tried moving again and suddenly I saw a distant light approaching me . I could see the light getting brighter then emptiness filled me.
I woke up in a room next to strange looking man in his 40’s tall, dark and weird. He kept staring at me. I asked him the same stupid question anyone would “Where am I , who are you BLAH BLAH BLAH”  . He din answer any of my questions but asked me the weird thing I’ve ever heard                     
“When did you know you can breathe in water?”
“My question was clear now answer me”
“I cannot breathe in water , no human can ”
“We saw you at reef sea canyon 10km deep under water”
“reef sea ? where is that ? ”
                Then he grabbed me like I was a child tossed me into the water. He was forcing my head down . I was trying to retaliate but he was stronger than I assumed . I thought I was going to suffocate and die that very day but then I could really breathe under water. This guy wasn wrong I thought . He let me loose . Then he spoke
Agent 117 we lost you 18 year ago during operation reef sea rescue. You were expendable so we din bother  finding your remains. For you had done your task as programmed. Few days back a group of oceanologist in a deep sea science expedition found you and brought you here.Today will be your last day .
“Am I human ”
“No agent 117 you are an android”
“why do you wanna kill me”
“your emotions are not really ”
“I don wanna die”
“You will now, you are old and rusted , Agent 235B replaced you 2 year ago. All  Agent 117 are recycled . You rest in Peace. Amen”
Then with a touch of a button I was gone. Soon Agent 235B will be replaced by better  technology better material.  Technology is ever changing with speed un thinkable even my greatest chip made today. I hope the growth Brings unity ,peace and oneness .

Ok wat was I trying to convey  in this post ??  world peace with technology ?? Might be ;)