Sunday, December 20, 2009

Agent 117

The room was dark and it smelled bad. I was’t sure where I was.  I felt completely brainwashed.  How did I land up here ?.  Were was I ?.  Am I alive ?.  I wasn ‘t sure . I coudn utter a word . felt like something was stuffed inside my mouth ! But I could open my mouth. Paranoia set in . I wasn’t sure how big the room was. I tried reaching out for stuff just to make a mental map of the room but all in vain ! I was sure there weren anything around. I started walking without a sense of directions.  Desperately trying to find a way out.
Suddenly I stumbled upon something, though I wasn’t sure what that object was. I reached down to check wat it was but then I realized I was falling . I wasn’t sure though. I was certain I was falling but I coudn feel the gush of wind trying to stop me. I felt light . I tried moving again and suddenly I saw a distant light approaching me . I could see the light getting brighter then emptiness filled me.
I woke up in a room next to strange looking man in his 40’s tall, dark and weird. He kept staring at me. I asked him the same stupid question anyone would “Where am I , who are you BLAH BLAH BLAH”  . He din answer any of my questions but asked me the weird thing I’ve ever heard                     
“When did you know you can breathe in water?”
“My question was clear now answer me”
“I cannot breathe in water , no human can ”
“We saw you at reef sea canyon 10km deep under water”
“reef sea ? where is that ? ”
                Then he grabbed me like I was a child tossed me into the water. He was forcing my head down . I was trying to retaliate but he was stronger than I assumed . I thought I was going to suffocate and die that very day but then I could really breathe under water. This guy wasn wrong I thought . He let me loose . Then he spoke
Agent 117 we lost you 18 year ago during operation reef sea rescue. You were expendable so we din bother  finding your remains. For you had done your task as programmed. Few days back a group of oceanologist in a deep sea science expedition found you and brought you here.Today will be your last day .
“Am I human ”
“No agent 117 you are an android”
“why do you wanna kill me”
“your emotions are not really ”
“I don wanna die”
“You will now, you are old and rusted , Agent 235B replaced you 2 year ago. All  Agent 117 are recycled . You rest in Peace. Amen”
Then with a touch of a button I was gone. Soon Agent 235B will be replaced by better  technology better material.  Technology is ever changing with speed un thinkable even my greatest chip made today. I hope the growth Brings unity ,peace and oneness .

Ok wat was I trying to convey  in this post ??  world peace with technology ?? Might be ;)           

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Nandini Rajagopalan said...

wow :) super imagination da!! excellent post

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