Friday, January 15, 2010

Midnight Gyan and gibberish

                                   There are somethings money can't buy ,for everything else there is master card.Sorry i din get any opening phrases to start this post. Anyway today its gonna be philosophical .

Fear,resentment and guilt . The trio for our materialist mad rat race. Human instincts tell us "fittest survives".Though we have shed a lot of hair and straightened our backbone there are somethings still left in us that makes us , us. Do i live in fear ? Yes. no denying . I fear loneliness.I fear hatred, I fear dullness and so many more forms that are sometime better understood than said.Why do i fear ? I don't have an answer for that. Its intriguing that i don have an answer.Now i fear ,fear.Stupid isn't it .Was i born with these phobia's? I asked my mom and she questioned my mental wellness. if i stress more she'll probably get me admitted .So i'm left all alone with my fear of not understanding fear .Now i'm resenting i'm not able to understand fear then i'll have guilt of not trying hard to understand fear.

If only the real essence of  superstitions were passed on , we would be leading a better life. Why would one fear of death if he/she was expecting it all along ? Why would one live in guilt if he/she din have to do wrong deeds. Why do something that is not right? who decides what right and wat's not!!!. 

Our social structure set us apart from other living things on earth. Humans are a social creature . We can never live in isolation but still we fight for such trivial things that brings about no useful outcome. 

Will we ever learn from our past ? A question that is out there with no takers to answer it. Truth is we don have a clue what our past is . We have only documented our immediate past . The real history is history.

The trio is part of our social structure . Fear makes you stick to the structure without questioning the purpose of the structure. Resentment sometimes aggravates fear more that cooling it . Guilt is that emotion which  comes if u disobey the structure. 

Ok now too tired of thinking. Gotta get some sleep.

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Nice writeup, I loved it :)) Bookmarked the blog.. cheers !

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