Sunday, November 14, 2010

What an idea sir-ji ?

            At times i wonder how an idea takes shape. An idea can never be completely owned by one person . A complete idea is something that is partly owned by the circumstances the idea dawned in . It baffles me how  some think they completely own an idea.
            An organization revolves on one or more idea and the people who actually run an organizations are mere catalysts that fasten the clarity of an idea . Everyone can make a choice, the choice is simple . Choose to persue the idea or rubbish it . Clarity of an idea rests on the beholder of the idea ! An idea grows on itself , at times it branches out and roots so deep , it becomes complicated . This point the idea exists by itself . The beholder merely become the seed . I call it the the disposition pivot .

           At this disposition pivot , the beholder is no more than a catalyst . The human instinct and circumstance decide the positivity or negativity of the catalyst .Once an idea has taken shape, it defines who you are .It defines who you will be.

          I wait for an idea. An idea that'll allow me to prove my existence, an idea that not required to make a dent in the universe but at-least scratch it. If an idea could solve the universal puzzle then the meaning of the bigger truth - the original idea would be clear .

         We exists in an idea , That defines us , we are responsible of creating an infinite chains and branches, the purpose of an idea is more important than the idea itself.

         The idea of this post ? ......No idea :D


Anonymous said...

your idea to clearly confuse others idea about an idea is not a good idea

Arulmurugan said...

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