Sunday, June 13, 2010

Singam - Acramathin uchakatum.

                               Saturday holiday comes only once a month for me and this time wanted to watch a movie, any movie,some movie and finally decided to watch SINGAM .Wonder why i chose that movie!!

                              Movie starts off with the usual "here come the hero in isstyle" . adha partha odanaye . ussss abhaaaaa innum 3 hr movie irruke  feeling sets in. Particularly i've to mention the cut where hundreds of bullets emerge from oblivion  forming the Singam !! I pity the CG guys . Guys have to do what is tol to them after all they get paid and when it comes to payment and sun pictures , hmmm should i say more ?
                              I wonder what goes through the film maker's mind when making a movie of such sorts.Not to mention the pressure surya must be facing for his 25th movie. Its a typical hero kills all and save his world.Anushka , hiyooooo hiyoooooo idellam oru pollapu !!!!.
                           Vivek is a surprise package who after a long time delivers half of his capabilities. His version jai ho's atha suta vadai is seriyana mokka comedy :). Erimally theme music complements his acts.vivek from his debut "iniki setha  nalaiki pal" had come a long way but for past few year he is completely over powered by vadivel.

                         Throughout the movie one can expect lotta yelling and ear cracking screaming from both the hero and villain and Anushka , hiyooooo hiyoooooo idellam oru pollapu !!!!. Surya between his busy bashing around attempts at comedy . In a restaurant scene before annihilating a hotel asks the manager if the hotel is insured like he cares and once sure the hotel is insured he goes ahead and breaks everything he finds. I mean the insurance company wouldn care right . Once the insurance company gets to know they'd build a new hotel. Ppl should try this .. no... not really. Now that the hero has finished with the rowdy one more mokkai comedy comes out .A guys comes of the rest room and is shocked to see the hotel completely destroyed and he asks surya "inga oru hotel irrundade? nan yenga bill kattuvaen". "irunda sapata than bill katanum, sapututu irrundavangaluku illa".

                              Rest of the movie is just  more mindless action and finally surya kills all . pretends to resign his job but secretly works in the dept spying a terror group and by the way he starts his own departmental store.Which he should have i guess. :) Olaga tholaikachigalil modal muraiyaga illa.... yeppovume mokka movie than!!!! ...

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