Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Right ya wrong ?

                                 Ever wondered whats good , bad , right or wrong ? well I did and the answer was in my question itself.Its the sum of all divided by the count of all ;).  Today I've come to an understanding that world doesn't really run on 1's and 0's but it runs on fuzzy logic.
                                The above statement may sound terrible to you and you may think I've gone  bizarre but that just shows whats your perception of things. Well to be frank your perception is just yours and may not be really "wrong or right". ?.
                                If you've seen the trailers of badmaash company you'd have noticed the catch line "they got together to do all the wrong things the right way" .  That conveys that they are doing something wrong but in the right way (ok little too much explanation ). Which in turn communicates that there is a general acceptance of what is wrong and what is right .
                               If you ask a person who uses cracked software to increase his productivity . What immediately comes to your mind ? If the thought is "Noooooo thats worng" then its your perception . Ask that guy and he probably has 100 or even 1000 reasons to do so . If you ask me what i'd do ? well i know using cracked software is wrong (my perception)
                            Well if you are clear of wats right and wrong its best to keep the ideas to yourself and not become a fundamentalist. Why ??? Simple reason , because there are a million week minds out there thats ready to accept wats told to them .
                            This whole post may seem very grey to you but thats the idea of good or bad. There is a generally accepted  rights and wrongs in the society you are part of but those very rules may be utter nonsense to another society !. If killing deer in India is wrong. Tell that to a person in the Greenland and he'll probably have you for dinner.Ask osama who the real terrorist is and he may point at bush .
                            For a long time i've come to an understanding of "Choose to believe" . Now i'm clear life is not binary its fuzzy :).I have left the whole post very grey . i don wanna define any rights and wrong here.

(This small post with great ideas is after an hour long in adigas over pongal and coffee with my uncle who we all dearly call G )



infopediaonlinehere.blogspot.com said...

this is an interesting post

Shekhar Sahu said...

Well said friend, it's not binary, we are at some uncertain position.

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