Sunday, March 14, 2010

The articulate phenonmenon

                            Ceaser-20x was the only computer at the indian crime branch in the year 1980 that could churn out clues to give possible suspect list. Mr.Sathiya was the only person capable enough to format the input to that system. It was bought form bell labs for a whooping 10 crore , which was quite huge sum in 1980.It was huge investment for the government.Why did they buy it ?. A question that was never answered.
                           Years  passed by and Ceaser-20x was never replaced and was never used after Sathiya retired. But today it will be replaced by i-ex70p .The new age Super computer that can snoop into any system in the world and that can house 400 billion TB of data in a secure cloud . Bill from Scotland yard was recruited for handling the "beast" machine.   
                         4000 Crore was missing from a day transaction in the local shareMarket and it was untraceable.The best audit team were unable to find the missing links.All transaction details were stored in a  Bangalore based data center . Data Experts spent 4 months analyzing the data and it was impossible to to find the glitch.
                       Beast was assigned its first task. Beast's  job was to generate relevant relations .To find the missing link Bill worked with the available data provided by Share Market and additionally requested data from the audit team.Bill promised to come back with a schematic result set in 4 days
                     Exactly after 4 days the beast returns just few lines of random text which was totally unrelated .
the text was as follows
 Mafia facebook port 400
poke requests a gift
Stolen Bag found
snoop dogg
miley cyrus
post http

Bill was confused . He ran the test again and got exact same result set every time. Without much of choice bill submitted it the lead detective Mr Karthik responsible for this case.Karthik a non believer in computer technology, rubbishes the report and files a complain to remove the beast saying its waste of time to invest in something thats so irrelavent. Bill was sent to Scotland after beast was decommissioned in India.

Jan 20 2010, Bharath joined the crime branch and was asked to re-dig old cases and do a case study of the workings of the crime branch.Bharath was a technically guy and this particular case caught his attention more.

He read and re-read the output page and was confused .It din make sense but he woudn't let go. He started digging the data himself.

Then one day morning it all fell into place. Steve, a freelance  from Australia was arrested for the fraud.

Steve wrote a facebook application that would be run on the mafia game application facebook supports. Every time he would ping the application using port number 400 using different proxies from different part of the world.The application which runs on the cloud would immediately poke random ppl using loop hole in the new hip hop php engine facebook created.Then it would create millions of java worm that would be downloaded into users computer using facebook.From users system it would replicate by downloading snoop dogg and other artist songs for free and when shared would transfer the java worm to other system.Over a period of time the java worm codenamed : HostGhost  would decide on a particular financial server and over load it with requests to an extinct where the clock cycles would be disrupted .When a clock cycle is disrupted the transaction atomicity fails and money would be stolen.

An articulate phenomenon indeed

(Above Article is a work of  fiction. if u din get it already)


Nandini Rajagopalan said...

Excellent!! You seem to have done extensive research on the subject

Chethan said...

Fiction ah?

Chanag Idhe

Kiran Ruth said...

Thank you

Nishedhi said...

who is this, a Dan Brown in the making

KIRAN said...

Hmm les see that

Shankar said...

good job Ruth.. Yoeman.. for a while I thought this is real..

Kiran Ruth said...

Thanks for all the love guys :)

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great man awesome.......(not really)

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